Organix healthy treats – because I can’t do everything myself!


Anyone who knows me will know that I am a big health food advocate.  I really do believe that health comes from within and that we should all be eating more fruit and veg and avoiding overly processed food.  I like to make most of our family’s food myself but I am not against getting a little bit of help.

When Organix contacted me and asked if I wanted to sample some of their range, I was delighted.  I started buying some of the Organix range when Donncha started on solid food, about four and a half years ago.  I loved making his dinners myself but when it came to snacks for my handbag, having ready made, healthy treats on hand made my life so much easier.

Now that I have three small children, aged from one up to almost six years old, I scour the shops for healthy food, free from junk, that is convenient.  The boys attend a preschool and a primary school with strict healthy eating policies so sugarfree lunchbox fillers are a must.  My go to lunches include a sandwich on wholemeal bread, a banana and a healthy treat.  Raisins are a favourite in our house and I like that the Organix raisins don’t have any added oil. The bright packaging which can be recycled is also great.

The danger hour for junk food in our house is often after school.  The children are tired and hungry and, having just completed the school run, I am tired and grumpy!  I like to lay out a “sharing plate” as we call it.  This usually includes sliced fruit, nuts and a healthy biscuit or rice cakes.  The boys enjoy making mini sandwiches out of flavoured rice cakes, squishing a slice of banana in the middle.  Yes, it’s messy but I think that it’s important to have a bit of fun with food.


Birthday parties can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to snacks.  Filling a room with excited children and adding sugar often leads to chaos and meltdowns.  For the last few years, I have laid out inviting but healthy treats along with the cake.  The Gingerbread men from the Organix range are always a winner along with healthy “crisps” such as Carrot Stix which look like Chipstix but are filled with carrot goodness.  I’m not going to lie, I’m quite partial to a bag of Carrot Stix myself.  Piñatas are also very popular at the moment, those hanging things that you whack until the treats fall out – a good way to vent some frustration!  The last party that we went to had a piñata filled with healthy “sweets” including Fruit Gummies which are sweetened with only fruit juice.

When it comes to packaged foods, I think that transparency is vital.  If I have to search under labels for tiny writing where the ingredients are hidden, my suspicions are raised.  I really like how prominently the ingredients and nutritional information are displayed on the back of all of the Organix range packaging.  From an allergy perspective, this is also very helpful.

I wanted to be completely honest in this review of the Organix range and I’ll admit that I was disappointed to see palm oil included in the list of ingredients.  My problem with palm oil is that its production is associated with depletion of natural habitats and endangerment of wildlife including the Orang-utan.  I visited the Organix website to see if they could explain this and was so delighted to see the issue addressed.  The palm oil included in the biscuits and crisps range is sustainably sourced and they don’t use palm oil from regions that are home to Orang-utans.  If you want to read more about this then you can find it here .

Overall we as a family give the Organix range a big thumbs up.  Thea (1), Lochlann (3) and Donncha (5) are all fans and I can see us continuing to enjoy these products for snacks, picnics and birthday parties.

If there is one thing that I have learned since becoming a parent, it’s that you have to take any help that you can get and while I love to cook and bake, I can’t do everything myself.

(Disclosure: We were sent these samples from Organix for free but all opinions are my own)




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