Wells House, Gorey, Co. Wexford

On Sunday last, the weather forecast was good and as my husband Mark had finally finished his thesis for college, we packed up the car and headed southbound from Greystones, Co. Wicklow.  Wells House is located close to Gorey in County Wexford and we had visited a handful of times before, each time coming away having had a great day. The trip took approximately one hour.

We arrived a bit early, at 10.30am but by the time we got the children out of the car, the buggy loaded up and the boys had a run around the front green area, it was 10.45am and they happily greeted us even though we were a bit early.  We purchased our exit token on arrival for €8.  With five of us, this worked out at less than €2 each for the day which is just fantastic value.  

Wells House seems to cater for everyone.  There is a Victorian Terrace, which was drenched in sunshine when we visited, where I saw a lady sitting, enjoying the sunshine and eating an ice-cream.  That will be me in a few years hopefully!  There is also a large playground area where the children can run around.  Any falls are softened by the sand around the climbing frames and there are a lot of areas in the playground to suit all ages.  Behind the playground is an archery area, which we didn’t try but I would love to have a go sometime!  

We made our way to the Woodland walk after the playground.  We were keen to get a walk in before the boys got too tired.  The walk features numerous fairy doors, of all colours and shapes and this made the walk even more exciting for the boys as they competed to find the coolest door.  There are also carved characters including the Gruffalo’s child, the Gruffalo and other characters from Julia Donaldson’s books (some are even perched on trees).  We had no complaints from anyone about being bored or too tired as there was constant entertainment along the track. 

We chose to bring the buggy as Thea is only 11 months old and we also used it to carry handbags, bottles of water and her changing bag.  The forest walk is very buggy friendly and when our three year old tired towards the end of the day, we popped him in there for a rest.

The highlight of the forest walk was coming around a corner to see the large Gruffalo as photographed below, complete with purple prickles on his back.  We have been a few times but the boys still get very excited when they see him.  

We didn’t bring a picnic this time so had lunch in the restaurant.  The staff were very friendly and helpful, assisting us with a highchair and the menu was pretty extensive to suit everyone.  The boys had the kids meal deal which included a hot meal, a drink and an ice cream.  Needless to say, they were happy.  We spent approximately €26 on lunch but could have brought a picnic as there are many areas for eating outside, both beside the playground and on the green area in front of the field.  

After lunch we decided to wander through the shopping area.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go into any of the shops as the boys were rushing to the farm but from memory there is a fairy door shop and also some Artisan creams/cosmetics as well as other small craft shops.  

The farm area had changed from when we were last there.  We saw some chickens, two doves, some pheasants, a goat, racoons and rabbits.  There is also a falcon area and we saw them flying about later on.

The boys were keen for another play in the playground before we went home so we found an area to sit on some carved seats beside the playground while they played (and filled their clothes with sand).  They boys had a roll down a grassy hill before we packed up the car and headed home.  

We stayed at Well House for about four hours but could have stayed longer.  We were keen to avoid the traffic heading back from the beaches so got on the road early.

If you want to see more of our day at Wells House, we filmed a vlog of our adventures which can be found at:  


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